Jamie Deal

President and COO

- Jamie is a 20-year veteran of the Title Industry with over a decade of hands-on experience in large volume, high density, production management. She is a well-rounded professional and her expertise lies in starting operations from the ground-up and ramping-up in a fast and efficient manner. One of her clients, a large national level vendor management company, required oversight of teams more than 75 employees strong at our operations in Texas.
Her other attributes include excellence in customer service, friendliness and poise which clients find easy to relate to and work with.
At Datos, Jamie heads operations and is responsible for service delivery and adherence to SLAs thereby ensuring customer satisfaction.

Shrini Gopalan


- Shrini is a management professional with over 15 years of experience in various levels in operations management, sales, marketing, and strategy. As a keen student of Peter Drucker and Jack Welch, Shrini’s passion lies in innovation, with a strong emphasis on delivering customer and shareholder value.
At Datos, Shrini’s responsibilities include sales, strategy, new markets identification / positioning while ensuring goal achievement.

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